Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Title :-\

Quoth Janglestein

Greetings children.

Today's will be a short post, as times are few, hunger rampant, and my bowels a-ready to plunder.

I have thought much this morn, during mine daily post-coital pre-breakfast pondering hour. Some ponderings were pleasant as the milky sun drips its rays upon our knees, some dreary as a wolverine descends his teeth into our loins, but all with a passion that rivals the two angriest of lovemakers. The whips cracked upon the bare backs of my mind, my collared necklace raging against the knowledge which I pursue.

Most ponderances are far, far to deep for such an internet as this to comprehend. But I leave you with one: In which nostril does the soul lie? Choose wisely, lest ye be chosen :-(

Till morrow comes with smiling bits of plendor, I take my leave swifter than a wingless bird takes his life.


Kate said...

Lost... I'm totally lost.

myfuckingeye said...

I can translate for you Kate.

He says:

whats up kids

today's post will be short, I'm out of time, I am hungry and I need to take a shit.

During the hour of after fucking but before breakfast--I take this time to think. Some thoughts are as pleasant as some poet-y flowery stuff and some not so much -- kinda like as if a wolf is biting into my nuts, but then actually I kinda like it because I am a masochist. in any event, during this time - a great thought suddenly occurred to me.

However, I am not going to bother to share it with you, because you wouldn't get it anyway but I will leave you with a simple riddle that even a dunce could figure out:

In which nostril does the soul lie?

Be sure you choose the right answer, otherwise the right answer will have to choose you since apparently you were too dumb to choose the right answer in the first place.

Alright, I'm out of here faster than a bird who tries to fly without wings will surely plummet to certain death.