Friday, July 4, 2008

Independence, Frenchies, and other Apery

I was at zoo, and the world was restless! how not i know not, for I am a knowing of nothing! Since my days in Europe I have asked many a monkey, of french descent, whom I know not the knowing of not the now knowing. AhA! what am I Irish?

Since this morning what I have to offer in this world other than thoughts, candied with anticipation. I CAN NOT EAT MY THOUGHTS! I drown in despair, frenchy and thorough with letters not needed.

Though the morning air was not pleasant, the 4th of Independence ruled my day. Shall I rue it in anticipation of the tyranny at hand? I am not a jew of choice, but a Jew of contradictorily independence, my words unconformable to my jewness.

Monkeys are flatulent... can you?

Pass gassy bills of dependence on independence please! They are restless and simian!

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