Sunday, July 6, 2008

A Clean and Hearty Meal

Quoth Janglestein:

Greetings, brethren and sistren, to a beautiful Sunday morn. I awoke with the ejaculations of the great yellow Orb dribbling down mine face through the window above, and in its warm slimey splendor, I pondered -- "What breakfast cereal does the sun's gooey warmth taste like?"

The answer should be obvious. 1 part Kashi, 1 part Fruit Loop, and 3 parts avocado.

Alas! I have set loose a flood of blasphemies lurking beneath the implications of this noticing.

At the risk of death by stake, I will leave the Great Truth unsaid, and for your own male, female, Snielson, commadore Luke Perry, janitorial, Winky-Faced Pug, immaculate dragon eyes to piece together.

It is a long, fruitful ride, teaming with leeches. But the rewards are terrible :-(


Kate said...

You are deep!

Some of your stuff is hilarious! Like the tat on your foot (flickr) of Daisy.

But some of your stuff, I can't understand - and I get lost.

So, if I don't say much, that's why.

I just don't get it.

Nothing personal.

Kate said...

I retract my post from Sara Nielson's page saying you are scary (or at least agreeing with it)..

It was due to my misunderstanding of alot of what you say.

P.S. Sara is a girl. LOL!
Daisy too! So who is "him" that you refer to?