Monday, July 7, 2008


Quoth Janglestein

Missy Snielson and his gang of piratey followers have mistaken my wiseacre janglings as threats and insults, and many are now calling for the immediate blockage of my internets from gracing her fair site.

I pray this does not happen. The hearty wink of Mr. Captain Daisy, tales of wit and charm, hermaphroditic man-lady action movies, and glorious daily revelries never cease to fill my soul with sweet buttery joy, and a hint of cinnamony sorrow.

I will gravely miss them all if deed be done, and pray that Mr. Bellum will see the error of her ways and hold no sword to my vocal chords.

:-( Happy days no more.

:-) Or are they?


Kate said...

I don't think Sara would block you.
She doesn't seem to be that type of person.

I have seen comments that should be blocked (not yours) and weren't.

So I wouldn't worry too much.
I think your comments were taken out of context.. I know I misjudged you. And I'm sorry.


Anonymous said...

We just don't know who/what a Trollpop is, nor do we understand the twisty janglings of your foreign tongue.

Best to you in your hearty beating of proposed blockages.


Sarah Bellum said...

I'm far too lazy to block anyone from my site. Plus I have grown accustomed to your freak speak. In fact, I look forward to your comments!