Saturday, July 19, 2008

Ahum hum ho diddly hum

Quoth Janglestein:

I come you to this morn with a metronome in my heart, band on my wrist, drum in my ear, soul in my feet, and a fist in my stomach.

All this to say, the mood which surrounds me is a pleasant one, filled with sound, some of it musical, some of it the sound of a fist in my stomach :-( I trust that you are the same?

This week has been a fruitful one. I will not tell you why, but trust me when I say this; it was likely far more fruitful than your own. I did many things, saw many people, spoke into many a phone, watched many a screen, ate many a food, et cetera, et cetera till the cows come marching home! Oh ho ho, I kid not.

And you, sir or mr.? 8-o


Kate said...

You are hilarious!

Kate said...

Oh, forgot to say.. my week was good.

I've had better but I'v also had worse. So I won't complain.

Kate said...

Your comment on Sarah Nielson's blog about "mullets" where you said when will your mother learn not to marry comatose patients

YOU are hilarious!!