Friday, July 11, 2008

Methinks a Cupid

Quoth Janglestein

Jovial salutations to my fellow trollpop!

Stuffed-jalapeño welcomes and a hearty round of "hello's" to other readers.

Today, as I lay in my loincloth amidst my bed of daffodils, I wondered to myself -- why am I here?

Of course, the answer came quickly, as vomit follows a gag or I follow a woman down an empty night alleyway. I trust you all know the answer; I will not bore you with the luscious details.

All this to say, I am wistfully craving the taste of cold beef stew in the morning. But alas, my cupboards are barren :-(.

1 comment:

Kate said...

Time to go grocery shopping.

You're here because you write deep things.. and I love reading them.
Although I hope to someday actually understand some of them. I am happy to understand what little I do now. And I imagine in time, I'll understand more.

So.. in essence.. you are my teacher. Yeah.

Have a good weekend!