Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ding Dabbling

Quoth TrollPop:

Friend of nations, I bring you here today to witness me and this keyboard bring fruition to concepts. Bangin' concept?!?! Of course! what could be expected but the biggest bang of humdrumstrums?!

Nothing naturally. will see hair standing on end and risen up above the height of the individual, and rising high it will stand erect! (the word erect is finealicious) But the story must be told.

Frankler and Betty worked hard in the Island that Feldman had invested $3 million in. Feldman required a mere centimeter of earthly pleasure from the two, and the deal would be intact and in fact. Now though, Frankler was disturbed at this and wandered in the plains of forever with his celestial cat. Frankler road to and fro on Frankie J the cat and took Betty to his favorite resting spot: tree stumps. Betty and Frankler established their contract of love-making in the matter of minutes and seconds before Feldman was astonished at this sight!"

"CURSES ALMIGHTY! Such an elegant aroma of iced charged shots has not excited this bratwurst since the turn of the last centerfold!" , said President Feldman.

I too was offended. And thus, I concluded our tale. Frankler and Betty were found ejected in pieces from the rectal cavity of Frankie J the following morning. We mourn them to this day. :-( However, all is not lost children. I know you eyes weep scarlet beads of h20 but this is essential to the cause. It is unfortunate but true forthcoming. In another age, I would have purchased strawberry shortcake for you and any and all one eyed behemoths(Daisystein ranks as top priority in my list of Criminal Terrors), but my funds run low like the breasticles of woman 80 years in lifetime(Admittedly, Channel 52).

Piece of advice for you dingos; throw it in the oven. God. >:-\

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Kate said...

Looks like someone needs a few more piercings and tattoos...

Vicious cat, btw.