Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Temporal Transom

Quoth Wafflestein:
Once in a great while there comes, in lieu of progress, a reconsidering of pre-existing ideology so radical that it permanently redefines the course of the discipline, shedding a new light on all subsequent additions and revealing meaning and importance that the original authors were entirely unaware of. It would appear, then, that the importance of time is greatly overstated: that in fields such as these, ideas exist beyond time. It is as though each day is given a single room, and those rooms subsequently line an infinite hallway, and each room has a receiving slot from the day before, and a drop box for the next, and information is transferred thusly. The doors to these rooms are permanently locked, but the transom above is open, and pieces of the grandiose ideas that fill the hallway drift through at random, where they are interpreted in accordance to the past, and passed on to the future. What great pieces of this puzzle have been lost in the past, and what revelations await us in the future? How will we be redefined?
- Haager, The Temporal Transom
To this work of genius, I have nothing to add. I can only suggest that you purchase a copy and read it in full: Haager's introduction only scratches the surface. May the blissful ear-dwellings of lore haunt you gently. Let your soul remain un-pierced by the modern hour.

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