Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Den Of Moles

I bear greetings of the lovings here to all of you. I am terrific and I know you are too.

I thank so much to you for visiting this humble and highly androgynous den of freedom. Here is the freedom. Now...consciously, many will ask whether this "here' is the blog. I will leave this to open air. I do not like impacting others with hubble-lubbery that ruins a reader's imagination! Your brain will decide on its own 10 minute break whether this is so!

Concordantly, I will discuss so many things that I do hope your brain will not be rattled outside of it's skull. But this has happened before so I won't talk about it. :-\

First and foremost, I will speak of plums and pears. They are.........


I mean, what deity could dream of this magnificence so much to where, it's, it just pours delicious into your nostrils and tongue and you just explode with ecstasy. I would trade every limb on me for 5 human-sized pears and plums and those limbs would be donated to the african children in countries beyond europe, eurasia, and constantinople.

Now Constantine was a fascinating man. He ruled with his Christianity like a thumb pricked by needles and flying creatures. Much like flying creatures, there are indeed fair-skinned folk who contain beetle wings in their hive backs. These beetle wings are angelic in nature, and excrete fine silk webbing that traps preys before they attack. Their fluttering wings carry them into the clouds, the most beautiful of clouds. And into amusement parks. Which you say? Ah, I love telling you. ;-) They are are follows: Disneyworld, Coney Island, Claim Jumper.

Claim Jumper is a slippery slope for these fine moore-ish buglings. Since the rides are coated with A1 and BBQ sauce, their footing becomes erratic and unstable, at times causing many to leave to a much less formidable steakhouse. But the strong survive and carry to withstand the torrent of the sweet tang of Barbeeq. Those who triumph find themselves laughing and giggling uncontrollably at the delight of beef smells and burgers and potatoe coasters unknown to the wing-less vermin that consists of most humanphiles.

But now. I have said too much and you must sleep. Goodnight planet. I will see you again shortly.

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