Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Please Me Twice...

Quoth Janglestein:

...Shame on me.

Wonderful afternoon! :-( Today's will be a brief Jangle, as the sun tells me it is nearly time to slumber -- and my boils affirm this with gentle throbbing.

Today's joke comes from an old friend. "What do you do with an aging father? Drive a stake through his heart" :-D Oh Father, such a funny old man. Where do you get such preposterous janglings?

A thought has appeared to me just as I held the "SHIFT" and "/" key. All of us are, in fact, each other's fathers. And so, the same, are all of us one another's sons. Men, women, trollpop, Daisysteins; all a father to our sons, and sons to our fathers. For a small bits of me resides within all others, and from all others reside in me equally small bits. Bits of Kate, Morning Gruel, Sarah Bellum, and MyFuckingEye reside in my belly. And an equally important piece of myself lies within them.

This is truth. For we are all family. On Father's Day let us all give gifts of fleshy splendor. Let us bathe with one another, as a grown man bathes with his father.

Farewell my sons. Farewell my fathers. It's bath time, and the water is warm :-)

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Kate said...

I really do believe we are all a part of each other and that bits of us reside in each other, as well.