Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Sad Day Indeed

Quoth Janglestein:

I bid to my readers this day, sad news. Miss Nielson and myself have chosen to separate for a week, and potentially end this separation in divorce.

I, like you, am of course dumbfounded. But her words today have shown to me deeply rooted negative feelings towards myself which I, intoxicated with the vanilla extract of love, had never seen before. Such is love, such is love :-(.

And so, for this coming week, I will not be seen upon the Tales of Wit and Charm, nor shall I read any posts or comments upon the site. Should she so indicate after the week is over, I shall never return.

Why, you may ask, do I make this offer? The answer, of course, is love. Love forceth itself on no woman or pug; it is rather a fragile dance which, in synchrony, produces beauty, but in dissonant misunderstanding, produces naught but bruised feet and broken stilettos.

You, the children, are welcome on either of our blogs at any time during this week, and I do pray you'll visit this lonely Jangle often with words of support. I will have, I am sure, a plethora of lovelorn songs and poetry which my broken heart will yearn to share. Be there also for my dearest Sarah, for whom this time apart may be equally painful.

In Heart-Aching Sorrow,
Trollpop Janglestein


Sarah Bellum said...

Oh Trollpop, don't you understand dramatics are my thing? Not yours? I only meant a girl doesn't like to be likened unto a serial killer.

I've never asked you to leave my blog, and I doubt I ever will. Dummy.

Andi said...

See, Trollpop? It was just a silly little misunderstanding. You are still much loved. Now everyone kiss and make up :-)

Kate said...

I think trollpops like dramatics too.

I can see how the misunderstanding happened though - as I was taken aback by Sarah's comment to your posting on her blog. But, you know, I'm guessing that means she hadn't had her wine for breakfast.

Kidding! Really! I'm just kidding!

Kate said...

p.s. I think it's great you both got it worked out.