Monday, September 1, 2008

Brother of Sisters or Brother Again Rejoice in the words of Trollpop

Quoth Bagelstein:

Hark! Behold the writings! the. Writings. What?

Our brother of meagerly jewelry jew-er-y is fortunately of famely disposition, says this jew with messianic knowledge of the diamond hearted soldiers of Abraham. I toast my brotherly sisterly brotherly androgen ravings that uplift and take the heart of every young watermelon in bloom.

The stock in our harking is at a close with bull markets and high vaulted chapels where the CEOs worship the golden calf of prosperity. Soon us shall rule the Internets speaking fire and madness for all those in pursuit of collective clowning, (cloning?) yes.

My friend the Jangle of jingle and jolly as all kringles of yore. Salutation and celebration towards you. Let all raving of pretentious thoughts be laid aside. I mock and flap my fingers at the unkeenery on the internets, fools they are, dangerous in themselves, exceeding that of Mir Jangle.

"Fools are eager to condemn pie and its ways of flavory treason in lue of its treacherous cousins, the meat pie of savory intent. Lo! Do not fear the pie! Accept, partake and eat of it. But fuck peach pie... Noone likes you >:O"

~Trollpop Piestein.


Andi said...

Piestein! I did not know you existed! What other fascinating brethren exist in the land of the trolls??

(Assstein may prove to be my favorite, because how can you NOT be hilarious with a name like Assstein??)

Kate said...

I love pie! And now a Piestein exists as well?
How much more fortunate can we get?

Trollpop Wafflestein said...

This post was by Bagelstein, actually. Piestein was the author of the quote, and I'm skeptical as to whether or not he actually even exists.

You should check your sources more carefully next time, Bagelstein.

Kate said...

I cannot help myself.. everytime I see the name wafflestein, I think of syrup! And now baglestein.. well makes me think of cream cheese.. and piestein.. well that speaks for itself!

Trollpop Bagelstein said...

My brethren disapoint the eyes and ears of my soul!!!

Piestein Is my lad and lad alone. So get your alladin thoughts together!