Thursday, September 11, 2008

Off to work! Off to work? Off to work!

Quoth Bagelstein

It is I, Off to labor in the sweaty underbelly of the Global work horse, on this grand ambiguous day, at my grand ambiguous location! On the way to my esteemed worker locale I daresay the hobo will know the smell so well that I shall linger in his thoughts that are but the mere price of seven rupees dipped in honey. I will slake the thirsts of many, and wrought asunder the evil axis of hungry lies against the gut! It will be a good day to wage war on the orifices indeed...

My overlords know me as a kind sort and loyal slave to the Machine that I am bound to. I am known to have much pride in them for our Commune is a proud one, older than time, dirt, and the great cosmic creator of the hot pocket. Do not fear my loss, for I am well at heart, capable of fighting the great machine in the ways of fisties.

Indeed I take heed to lord Jangles' Commands my place abdicated common responsibilities on the yester anon. My great foe Anonymom and his furiously varying rates of choco thievery will not return under threat of taxes and certainty. Jangle is a good lord. I obey his commands, as any dog would the piper.


myfuckingeye said...

Yeah anyway I was wondering if the trollpop were going to publicly endorse any of the presidental candidates?

Trollpop Janglestein said...

Give us time, my dearest Stella, give us time :-\

shad said...

We are waiting for a new update!