Monday, September 1, 2008

A Fine Day For Sunshine

Quoth Wafflestein:

It fills me with joy to see my cohort Janglestein to be so wonderfully honored on Miss Neilson's blog. Frankly, there were a few among us who were worried that his obsession would yield nothing, but he has come forth as chief among the Trollpop, and for that I can only congratulate him.

But to the rest, I say, show yourselves! Jinglestein! Bagelstein! Assstein! You have sat in silence for too long! The hordes of the internet grow in number daily, and you sit by and do nothing? At a time like this, your support is crucial. It is written:
Pestilence is not your only foe. Nor is Death, War, or Famine. Apocalypse will begin within you. Complacency is the road to destruction. Act now, lest the future bring you misery, with the blame resting wholly on your own shoulders. Your fate is your own.
- Stevenson, The Death of Convenience


Kate said...

If an Assstein is given and order, but does not follow it - is he spanked?

Trollpop Wafflestein said...

Assstein is the progenitor of all trollpop, and as such is under no obligation to obey the rest of us.

Kate said...

I'll have to look up the word "progenitor".. I have no idea what that means.

But I take it to be an honorable title and so I now know there will be no spanking of the assstein!