Monday, September 1, 2008

Hark! The herald Trollpop!

Quoth Volkerstein:

Children of the cyber net, Neilsteinians, Trollpopites, and rest; heed these words of guidance. Upon this stark and sterile land hath taken root a seed, festering deep in the hearts of the malevolent and smoldering to the brink of exhaustion such great iniquities as to leave the reticent of hand and malleable of tongue chagrined to states of grave and sheer apprehension - conditions since reserved solely for those of chaste and unadulterated fortitude, righteous in their power and momentous in their luminosity. Yet extol upon me not the acclaim owed those whom indubitably rest exempt of reticent praise, for rapidly approaches the day on which all whom hear the call from the darkest recesses of the mind - wherein resides the radiance of immorality - and answer willfully shall fall under the indicative judgment of unabashed retribution. Hark, for I am Volkerstein of the Trollpop brethren.


myfuckingeye said...

who is that? Are all those deleted comments yours? Let me know next time you switch locations, I like being entertained.


I love your blog. Sarah Neilson should be flattered to be the object of your devotion.

Kate said...

I'm with "heart"...
Sarah Neilson should be flattered.

Curiosly I have to ask..
does a Volkstein drive a volkswagen?