Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The error(s) of our Life(s) Is too few S's

Quoth Bagelstein:

Oh the folly of our ways! Why do they all call me a fool who eats his own words of the soupy discord spilling from my frothy mouth. Life has too few of many, when will the multitudes of nothings be capable of encroaching of what we have available to us?

I know not the knowing of nothing...

On a separate notepad. Those doubting the careless ways of bagels must repent of their folly! Unacceptable appreciatory ramblings of nothings they are... Dear Jangle knows thou hearts full of ire and confusion.

We are the legionnaires of new blog-0-wisdom!

Muck Muck... Mucky internet... Suck on that one!


Anonymous said...

Dear fuckingretardstein, learn to spell... Learn to type... Learn to write... but most of all, learn to SHUT THE FUCK UP.

Of all the blogs you've written there is only one half decent one, and even that one was shit compared to all the other Trollpops. You are a disgrace.

Now go crawl in a whole and die you stupid, stupid douche.

Kate said...

Muck Muck... Mucky Internet indeed!