Thursday, August 14, 2008

Weeks of Aching Veins

Quoth Janglestein:

Since last I spoke with you, the moon has floated 90 degrees around, and boy did I see it coming!

My rage regarding the Non-Troll mixup has subsided, only in place for a passionate lusting for all things Neilish which makes my bladder throb like so many belly aches. Ah, love, such a feeling as this few can comprehend.

My week may be appropriately summed up as follows:

Twas one loofah of a week!

But alack, my stomach yearns for the sweet fragrance of cold tomato soup and yams. Till next we meet, vaarwel!


myfuckingeye said...

I don't comment as much as I should because I never remember my blogger id and you don't have a whole lot of different options for signing in to leave a comment. quit policing so much, yo.

Trollpop Janglestein said...

As you have requested, so have I speedily done! May your comments fill this land like Boll Weevils upon the cotton fields of lore!

Kate said...

cold tomato soup indeed!

myfuckingeye said...

OK good. Now post a lot and give me much more to comment too.