Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Quoth Wafflestein:

I apologize for the absence of my fellow trollpop, whose janglings so often fill this blog with mirth and jubilation. It would appear he has fallen down a well, or perhaps been left haunting the undersides of too many bridges.

Nevertheless, I believe that we can all stand together and anticipate his hasty return and recovery. What wonders await us when he finally makes his joyous return?

Janglestein has not jangled his last. Far from it. I apologize that I cannot fill this space adequately in his absence, but the muse which jangles so freely in his heart has been less generous towards my own. I leave you with a quote from the one and only Sir Manfred Esling, the first German exile to ever achieve knighthood, whose contributions to philosophy cannot be overstated:
It is not in vain that we wait. For even if that which we await never arrives, anticipation is itself a hope and a happiness, and is but a single step away from being the physical manifestation of that which we hope for, different only in its physical absence and in the amplification of its good aspects, and the dampening of the poor. Hope is, in all practical senses, a step greater than that which is hoped for.
- Esling, Of Tantalus and Temptation


Anonymous said...

Oh good , I was missing his comments on Sarah's page

Kate said...

Hope makes me so happy!