Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Tweet for Old Man Weatherby

Quoth Janglestein:

It is my grave duty to inform thee that, upon the request of the possessor of a fornicating visual orb, I have come into possession of a very strange contraption. The elusive, chirping splendor that is Twitter.

Strangely, I haven't a clue a-foggy how to work such a contraption. I will, upon request of aforementioned promiscuous visual organs, write often to this beast, and see, from there, what will occur. The name which I have given it is "janglestein".

I trust my efforts will not be in vain--so give Jangle a Jingle and instruct him on the ways of this mysterious flying creature to whom I entrust my secrets.


Kate said...

I am signed up at twitter, but I don't tweet. I just read what others write.. and well.. actualy lately I don't even do that because I got tired of my phone beeping late at night when someone on the west coast would send a tweet) while I in the midwest, was trying to sleep.

Not to mention it didn't do much good for my love life - all that beeping and tweeting and vibrating..

ha ha ha ha ha!

Good luck with it!

myfuckingeye said...

fornicating visual orb.

I love it.

myfuckingeye said...

Also If you don't want your efforts to be in vain, you kind of have to follow more people than just that one special person that is the apple of your fucking eye.

PS Good work so far, though.