Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Hearty Stew of Delight

Quoth Janglestein:

Forgive me, brethren, for the silence to which I have been accustomed in days past; but in my absence, a Wafflestein has sprung forth among the branches and given a warm, warm reception.

My only concern is as follows: there seems to be a fellow, lurking within these walls, named "Anonymous." On my dearest of friends' (and flame-broiled mistress to boot!) blog, he simultaneously announced my absence, responded to himself, and attributed to me a love of feet which I do not possess!. I fear for such a fellow; he appears to have multiple personalities behind which he hides. My heart crumbles for such a strange creature as this, to feel the need to mask one's own identity! The absurdity makes my smiley-parts dance with waltzy glee; laughter erupting, in 3/4, within my kidneys.

But alooth and forsack, the dream world beckons me like a podiatrist beckons a small child with lolly pops and sugary aromas. Till then, safe travels.


Trollpop Wafflestein said...

Ah, Janglestein! I didn't expect you to return quite so soon. I trust you had a safe journey?

Kate said...

Seriously if someone is spending that much time worrying about what you are posting, where you are posting, and trying to rate the quality of your sanity - they really need to get a life.
And doing it all anonymously.

Personally I don't think anyone is worth that much trouble - meaning they should really just leave you alone.

Glad to see you posting again.

I missed your twisted humor :op

Kate said...

p.s. Is a wafflestein good with syrup?

Tracie said...

Hi Trollpop, Good to see you again.

Sarah Bellum said...

It's about fucking time my little odd-fellow. Comments aren't as fun without you.

Trollpop Wafflestein said...

I abhor syrup, thanks for nothing.

Kate said...

That's too bad, because I love syrup.

myfuckingeye said...

You need a twitter account. Your nonsense would be much more enjoyable at 40 small bursts a day. Not that I don't love the longer, not as frequent rants--but still. I think we'd all agree on that. PS when you make the account, you know how to find me!