Friday, August 22, 2008

A Pleasant Deviation

Quoth Janglestein:

Tis a morn, tis a morn, gents and gently's.

I wished to write a succulent novel regarding my relationship with Sarah Bellum, as I, on most days, opt to do. However, today's wine of events has filled my moral palette with a bad aftertaste. I am speaking, of course, about the perpetual sadness which the daily news brings forth.

While the sizzling of my bacon commenced, I sat on the couch this morn, requiring a mere handful of minutes of entertainment. My eyes, instead, were filled with sorrow. Planes crashing into houses, Madrid filling with flames, and Fay ravaging Florida.

Why, I ask myself, do such wicked events occur in such a joyful, erotic world as the one in which you (and, on occasion, I myself) live?

That, however, is not a question of importance to ask, but merely a prelude. The greater question plaguing my mind is as follows: What, in fact, is in bacon, which makes it sizzle so, in a way which, say, a Pug or reproductive organ would not, when placed on a similar frying pan?

Weighty matters require weighty thought! But such is the life of one who dares to Jangle with fate.


Kate said...

Bacon sizzles while being cooked as the pig would yipe when being slaughtered.

I don't know why those things happened that you mentioned.

I should care, but lately I'm filled with despair and depression.. it occurred to me I'll be in my 70s when my house is paid off.

Thus arousing the question "Will I ever get to retire?" Fuck I hope so!

Sorry for the bad work. I'd scratch it off but I'm too lazy :op

myfuckingeye said...

You shouldn't eat bacon anyway. Try eating the tofu equivalent, which I think is called tofuacon. Nevermind, actually I don't know what it's called and that doesn't sound right. If its related to clay, chances are - you don't want to be putting it in your mouth anyway. try cutting down on fat, that's all I'm saying.