Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Trifling Mistake

Quoth Janglestein:

It is with medium surprise that I have come upon a shocking revelation, one which fills my gelatin bones with frivolous laughter!

Recently, a certain Nielstein (who will not be mentioned to save her identity) began to date a large chocolate cake named Non-Troll Doll. More recently still, they have ceased to date.

I, naturally, bring grievous words of comfort and celebratory, melancholy nothings to attempt to ease this pain. But what toy have I found in the bottom of Cracker Jack's (the white-supremest gangster, mind thee) box of treasures?


The very thought of it makes me agonizingly gigglical. Many have mistaken ME for this fool! On what grounds? The "troll" similarity? Do they not realize how COMMON a name is troll? On this very blogs, there are six, nay, seven who all happen to be named "Trollpop"! Yet "Non-Troll" and "Trollpop" being mistaken? Sheer madness!

And yet...

A glimmer of hope resides within these walls.

If so many have made a mistake such as this...yet have posted glorious things regarding this NTD fellow such as a "catch", a "keeper", one to "keep around" -- all phrases whose meanings I haven't the slightest idea -- and followed them with smiles and joy...why...perhaps oneday in the soon future, I will indeed replace that void, and become for her the Troll she has always required. And all readers near and far will celebrate in juicy splendor, till celebration emerges from our lips like so many butterflies! :-D

But for now. Anger.


Kate said...

Just curious... does Sarah feel the same way?

Kate said...

Time for a new post.

Trollpop Janglestein said...

Silly, silly Katestein, surely you jest! At this very moment a day-old post resides yet above this one!

Always good for a chuckle :-D

Kate said...

Oh, I cannot see it.
My browser must be slow.