Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sixteen cadelabras

It was until my grandiose plan of apples completed prematurely that needles and the steel babies brought attention to my face discontent of the horrid casterburgers of france in which little child actors catch my inner child's attention with their larger child's grown up movie carriage shoppe.

Since when were apples cherries?! Curse their eyebuds!

I felt lone sem today upon my interaction variation distraction of minor prophets that spoke on the tele about the rain and diamonds. Their forcast... Un. acc. ceptatbleimo.

What does the world enter into when cats feed the feet of billions with orange creme? How dare they(you). I love pie.

Hark the pie bishop. There are many.

Peace and dutch be upon you internets...

~Quoth Bagelstein...

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