Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hark! A Lark Doth Sit nExt to me...


A lark sits next to the rubbery coils of a octopi that grasps so tenderly. What are they truly meant for?

she(herself) has a special kattarykittenesque that makes teh skins so comfy buy oh how the moon light makes shining segway across the body. I never understood this jewery tomfoolery! That.

Who are these cat attacks upon a scratching post that maul the blacker treat like he's worth the bite. I never got these optical spectaculars that my breaded cohorts engage with.

they pour molasses talk all over and I say fooey. A pox upon them I say. I care not what these watchmakers makes with the function of the times, events. I know not. not...


This is my command you readers. Thdingo knows certainty. certainty. certain.

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