Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Quoth Janglestein:

I arrived home this afternoon to find great jubilation upon Sarah Nielson's blog. I was intrigued, no doubt, as to what we were celebrating, but happily joined in the festivities (as is my Janglin' nature). I then proceeded to visit to learn about the event for which both my "rocking" and my "cock" were supposedly out.

To my unseemly horror, I discovered this. I am deeply appalled that my friends would celebrate the untimely passing of Michael Crichton!

Albeit, his tale was a bit muddled, and prehistoric creatures do bring my jimbles to trembling frequencies. Perhaps I understand why those few herpetophobics may have celebrated this passing, not unlike the short, dancing glee of Baum's little creatures upon the Western Witch's demise.

What frightens me more is that, while the news claims he died of cancer, many upon Miss Bellum's blog have taken credit for the act! "We did it" they exuberantly claim! Therefore I must conclude that they are, indeed, the causes of cancer.

To have friends with such power is incredibly frightening. Strangely erotic, no doubt, and my respect for my darling Nielstein has gone up immensely. But frightening nonetheless. :-)

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Kate said...

Wow! Given that we now know the cause of cancer - does that mean we are closer to a cure?