Saturday, November 1, 2008

Abridged: For Kel

Quoth Bagelstein:

It is I. Your Hebrew national, taking a bite out of crime and into high cholesterol and reruns of Oprah. The traveler of womanly kind, kind in all manner and words, asks of us to bestow the words of kindness and conceivery, in effort to lift a veil from my obfuscated ways. I say NAY! Though I, a mindful adjudicator of penguin shamans of the world, feel a kingly vow of chivalry towards them who know nothing. I am a Veil of riddles I am, listen well to my plan, away away, and off I go.

Who are you I ask? Actually, that you ask. I am neither. We are a collective, with knowledge of intimacy, collecting to distribute intimate wisdom, not derisive, lo unfacetious, and how sar-cleverly. The world is our oyster, to parade and dance all the time, to live in such luxury, it would be almost a crime. We reach into the minds of many to pirate their wealth and skiffs of PFCs. Abridged we are a crafty bunch, few and bold alike. our mission clear and simple, to spread the fire of spite. For the markets of Genoa are ripe a plenty, with Athens bold and provocative, yet the legions of Gaul are many, poisoning the well. No one likes romantics. That's where realism came from fool!

Abridged: For Kel

Who we are, that is...


kel said...

Thanks for clearing that up. You have to do that from time to time for us simple folk.

Kate said...

Fool! Indeed.