Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Quoth Bagelstien:

The Produgal son hath returneth to giventh the lisp unto all!

Rejoice as I too, a jewyer of sorts, consult my day to ask "hello, how you do?"


Andi said...

Well, good. I was getting bored with the other crap on the Internets. Glad you're back!

Kate said...

Hello to you too!

Many missed you.
Don't be gone so long every again :o)


Trollpop Janglestein said...

Thank you Bagelstein, Andi, and Kate for your warm welcomes, but I am afraid you have addressed the wrong Trollpop. Bagelstein has never left -- only I, Janglestein.

kel said...

Trollpop-I really am dying to know the story, but I'm not gonna lie. I am exhausted by the time I come home from work and don't have the energy to interpret your writings. Can you give me the abridged version or cliff's notes?